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Spring Season: Week 8–Last week of the season.
Signups for the Summer season are open.

DateVISITORS (Blue)ResultsHOME (White)TimeLeague
Home Advantage Audiology (Sp9) vs Patrick Shaffer, DDS (Sp9)Home Advantage Audiology (Sp9)Patrick Shaffer, DDS (Sp9)Monday Recreation League
Granite Restoration (Sp9) vs HomeTeam Pest Defense (Sp9)Granite Restoration (Sp9)HomeTeam Pest Defense (Sp9)Monday Community League
Kerry Blount-Long Realty (Sp9) vs HomeTeam Pest Defense (Sp9)Kerry Blount-Long Realty (Sp9)HomeTeam Pest Defense (Sp9)Monday Community League
Pride Mechanical (Sp9) vs Players Pub (Sp9)Pride Mechanical (Sp9)Players Pub (Sp9)Tuesday Community League
Lexus of Tucson (Sp9) vs Leah Kari-Health Insurance (Sp9)Lexus of Tucson (Sp9)Leah Kari-Health Insurance (Sp9)Tuesday Competitive League
SaddleBrooke Remodeling (Sp9) vs Robson Communities (Sp9)SaddleBrooke Remodeling (Sp9)Robson Communities (Sp9)Wednesday Sidewinder League
The Charles Company (Sp9) vs Stone Canyon Painting (Sp9)The Charles Company (Sp9)Stone Canyon Painting (Sp9)Friday Community League
Tri-Community Lock & Safe (Sp9) vs Stone Canyon Painting (Sp9)Tri-Community Lock & Safe (Sp9)Stone Canyon Painting (Sp9)Friday Community League
Splendido (Sp9) vs Sheftel Dermatology (Sp9)Splendido (Sp9)Sheftel Dermatology (Sp9)Friday Competitive League
Patrick Shaffer, DDS (Sp9) vs Home Advantage Audiology (Sp9)Patrick Shaffer, DDS (Sp9)Home Advantage Audiology (Sp9)Monday Recreation League
Kerry Blount-Long Realty (Sp9) vs Granite Restoration (Sp9)Kerry Blount-Long Realty (Sp9)Granite Restoration (Sp9)Monday Community League
HomeTeam Pest Defense (Sp9) vs Granite Restoration (Sp9)HomeTeam Pest Defense (Sp9)Granite Restoration (Sp9)Monday Community League