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Summer Season: Week 10
Last Week of the Season
No Practice Thursday (9/19) and No Games Friday (9/20): Field Closed–Parking Lot Being Seal Coated

DateVISITORS (Blue)ResultsHOME (White)TimeLeague
Dominicks Italian (Su9)X-Pert Automotive (Su9)Monday Community League
W&W Physical Therapy (Su9)X-Pert Automotive (Su9)Monday Community League
Waste Management (Su9)Twin Lakes Air (Su9)Tuesday Competitive League
Andy’s Irrigation-Andy McInnis (Su9)Twin Lakes Air (Su9)Tuesday Competitive League
Window Wizard (Su9)Golf Cars Of Arizona (Su9)Tuesday Community League
Absolutely Art (Su9)Western Exterminator (Su9)Wednesday Sidewinder League
X-Pert Automotive (Su9)Dominicks Italian (Su9)Monday Community League
W&W Physical Therapy (Su9)Dominicks Italian (Su9)Monday Community League