Robson Communities (F) vs The UPS Store-Rancho Vistoso (F)


Date Time League Season
October 21, 2020 8:00 am Wednesday Sidewinder League Fall 2020


Robson Communities (F)2031Win
The UPS Store-Rancho Vistoso (F)1321Loss

Robson Communities (F)

Player AB R 1B 2B 3B HR BB SF
Benjamin, Tim32300001
Crenshaw, Jay43111001
Kraut, Dave43000010
Lueck, Mike42310000
Morgan, Greg42300000
Norgard, Dale40200000
O’Donnell, Sue43310000
Pede, Steve41010000
Shaughnessy, John42400000
Weems, Russell51400000
Block, Allan41300000

The UPS Store-Rancho Vistoso (F)

Player AB R 1B 2B 3B HR BB SF
Atkins, Misty41100100
Cavicchia, Phil31100000
Dawson, Stacy42100100
Dial, Diane31200000
Gentner, Don41201000
Horrigan, Steve30100010
Jacobson, Jake21000010
Jennings, Dwight40100000
Malone, Tim43111100
Sherby, Scott42210000
Steffes, Phil41200000